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Focus on your faith and family life while running a successful digital business in the background.




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Mj and Kevin

Hi! We are Mj and Kevin, a Filipino couple based in Toronto, ON, Canada.

We are so excited to show you how following a simple blueprint has allowed us to start our own digital business and blessed us with everything that we were longing for in our lives, like the time for each other and our family, the flexibility to travel anytime, and the privilege to earn while enjoying life.

In 2020, we discovered this business and decided to change our lives because we always had corporate jobs that consumed us and everything else in our lives. By God's grace, this turned out to be the best decision we've ever made.

Now, we’re on a mission to help more parents around the world earn online and create beautiful memories with their families.

Our platform offers powerful tools and automation that enable us to effortlessly manage our business while dedicating time to our family, faith, and other important aspects of life.

We would love to help you jump-start your own journey in the online space and can't wait to share more details soon!

“Everything is possible for one who believes.” (Mark 9:23)


I used to work three jobs in the hospitality industry. Now, I'm my own boss and I can travel whenever I want!

Testimonials from People Who are Using Our Trusted System

In March of 2020, I was able to quit my 6-figure income job so my wife and I can now devote more time for ministry. Our dream of being able to support others financially has finally come true.

Dave and Roxanne


I never thought I could find an online business that would allow me to be a present mom and generate a better income than my engineering profession. I feel blessed how this platform taught me to be successful in the digital world.

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